Tranzily was created out of an opportunity.

The founding team of professionals with over 50 years of forex and remittance experience saw a huge gap in terms of how forex payments and SME business transfers were being made.

With digital being the underlying DNA, Tranzily was born with the stated objective of helping business Transact Easily.


Our Promise

At Tranzily, we deliver more than just a tech solution. We deliver a promise. A promise to you to offer the ideal digital solution with complete transparency in everything we do. We understand the importance of trust that your customers place on you and we want to make sure that we deliver the same levels of trust when you work with us. Our choice of platforms and partners used also emphasize our commitment to offering you a solution that works for you and your customers.

We truly stand for:

Convenience | Transparency | Commitment

The Companys

Tranzily is a service offered by Transpure - Over a decade old company with a proven track record in the payments and cross-border remittances space.

Over the years, Transpure has worked with some of the leading banks and forex players globally in offering digital enabled cross-border payments and remittance solutions. Run by industry veterans who have seen the pain-points and opportunity in this space, the stated objective of the company is to make global payments easier and more efficient.

While we are physically headquartered in India's financial hub of Mumbai, we virtually cater to a set of customers and consumers across the world.

Our Investors

We are backed by serial entrepreneurs and corporate professionals from various streams. Our founders too have skin-in-the game and hence have the common will to build something big. The common thread for all our investors is the will to build significant value for customers and in turn for our stakeholders.

Our promise extends beyond end consumers to partners, banks, vendors and to each and every employee of the organization.

Our Partners

We want to be the best. Hence, we work with the best in the business. Our partners who help offer this service include and who choose to use us include: