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Transpure solutions private limited (" Transpure") doing business as "tranzily" hereafter will be referred as "Tranzily", (collectively we, us, ours) respects "customer",(collectively user, your) rights to privacy. Deals with personal information collected in accordance with this privacy notice. When used in this notice, "personal information" refers to any information, which relates directly to our customers and users of is hereinafter referred to as the "site".

In this privacy policy (this "Policy"), we describe, the information that we collect and process about the user (when User Registers on "website" or is provided to us by third parties)

In this Policy, the term "personal information" or "personal data" means personal information or data that relates to an identified or identifiable person (personally Identifiable information).

We recommend that you read this policy carefully in order to understand what tranzily does with your personal information. Your use of our Website and services and any dispute over privacy, is subject to this Policy and any of our applicable Terms and Conditions for use of our services.

We collect personal information directly from you, about you from third parties such as our marketing affiliates and service providers used to verify your identity and prevent fraudulent activity, other tranzily users or clients or customers, for the purpose of providing "Tranzily" services to user or to facilitate the processing of your payments on other platforms or websites operated by our users, or as part of a customer referral program, and automatically as you use our website and/or our services.

We collect users' information, when the user registers on our "website", and use our services, when we facilitate the processing of users' payments on other platforms or websites, when you contact us with questions, and when you otherwise choose to provide personal information to us. We receive personal information about you from banking references, credit reporting agencies, affiliates, other Tranzily users, and other third parties (e.g., entities that assist us in validating your identity, for risk assessment purposes, for fraud prevention, etc.). We may combine this information with other information that we collect about you.

Please see our Cookies Policy

Type of personal information Tranzily collect

The types of personal information we collect about you depends on your particular interaction with our Website and/or our services or when we facilitate the processing of your payments on other platforms or websites operated by our users, and includes, where permitted by applicable law:

We collect your personal information like your PAN no, Aadhaar no, driving license, proof of ID (POI) and proof of address (POA), IP address, financial information like your credit and bank information, commercial information about your business, directly from you, third parties on your behalf and as instructed by you, other users, customers, service providers

How does Tranzily use your information
How and when does Tranzily share your information

We share your personal information with Regulated entities like banks, financial institutions, payment processors, internet service providers (ISP), data and cyber security service, compliance check service providers to help us comply with the regulatory obligations of the jurisdiction.

We share your information with third parties and service providers to verify your identity, prevent fraudulent activity or misuse of our services. For the purpose of internal assessment and research, process your payment, open and maintain your account and provide you customer service.

The fraud prevention service providers may keep the information on their database to help others users detect and prevent plausible fraud.

For the purpose of marketing we share your data with our marketing affiliate for marketing our products and services.

You may contact us through writing email to , if you do not wish to use your details for marketing purposes or to share your information on to third parties for marketing purpose, you can also opt to unsubscribe from any marketing emails sent to you by Tranzily, by using the UNSUBSCRIBE link in the email.

We do not sell your personal information.

Security of your Data

We use reasonable security measures to protect your personal information by storing your data in secure servers or third party cloud service providers, all transaction details are stored in an encrypted form.

You are responsible for keeping all your passwords confidential and we strongly advise you not to share your password credentials with anyone.

Regardless of our best efforts the transmission of information is not completely secure but on receipt of your information, we will adhere to the strict procedures and measures to prevent any unauthorized access

Data Retention

We retain your personal data until the obligation of the Law and Regulatory requirement is met and as per the internal policies of meeting the risk and fraud prevention measures.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Privacy policy undergoes regular review and is updated accordingly. The customers are updated of the changes thru email, SMS and website notifications. These changes are effective immediately once updated on the website and we recommend to regularly check for these updates on our website.

Contact us

For any of the queries on our product or services, questions regarding our offering, updating your information or opting out of the services or about this privacy policy or your personal data, you may contact us through email address which is

Tranzily Customer Care:

For requests related to deleting your personal data or receiving a copy of your personal data, you can contact us at any time by sending an email to

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Any dispute to the Privacy Policy or interpretation is in accordance to the Indian Law and is under the jurisdiction of Court Mumbai, India


Tranzily provide no warranty of the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or applicability of the content provided on our website. Tranzily accepts no responsibility for and excludes all liability in connection with information provided on the website , including but not limited to any liability for errors, inaccuracies or omissions.

Cookies Policy
How Tranzily uses cookies on the website?

We can place cookies and other similar technology on the website and once accepted, the following information may be collected through cookies or similar technology, your unique device IP, operating system, and your location information (to the extent permissible under applicable law).

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files with small pieces of data — like a username and password — that are used to identify your computer as you use a computer network. Specific cookies known as HTTP cookies are used to identify specific users and improve your web browsing experience.Data stored in a cookie is created by the server upon your connection. This data is labeled with an ID unique to you and your computer.When the cookie is exchanged between your computer and the network server, the server reads the ID and knows what information to specifically serve to you.

Cookies managed by Tranzily only are called "first party cookies" whereas cookies from third parties are called "third party cookies".

Why do we use cookies and similar technologies?

Websites use cookies to streamline your web experiences. Without cookies, you'd have to login again after you leave a site or rebuild your order if you accidentally close the page. Making cookies an important part of the internet experience.

Does Tranzily use cookies for marketing and analytics?

Yes, we may use information collected from our cookies to identify user behavior and to serve content and offers based on your profile, and for the other purposes described below, to the extent legally permissible under applicable law.

Do you use any cookies from third party companies?

Some cookies and storage technologies that we use are from third party companies (third party cookies) to provide us with web analytics and intelligence about our sites which may also be used to provide measurement services and target communication.

What if you don't want cookies?

If you want to remove existing cookies from your device, you can do this using your browser options. Deleting and blocking cookies may have an impact on your user experience.

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