Terms & Conditions For Export Collection

This document is published in accordance with the provisions of Rule 3 (1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries guidelines) Rules, 2011 that require publishing the rules and regulations, privacy policy, and Terms and Conditions to access or usage of the www.tranzily.com ("the website").

This document is an electronic record in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules there under as applicable and the amended provisions pertaining to electronic records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000.

By accessing the website, users agree to be legally bound by the terms. The website is owned and operated by TRANSPURE SOLUTIONS PVT LTD ("TRANSPURE") and doing business as "Tranzily" www.tranzily.com.

These terms and conditions (the 'terms'), set out the basis on which one uses the website of www.tranzily.com (the 'website') and provide important information about the way we provide our services. These terms are subject to amendment from time to time.

The domain name www.tranzily.com ( "Website") is owned by TRANSPURE Solutions Pvt Ltd, ("TRANSPURE") a company incorporated in India with its corporate office at 1st Floor , 51/65, Rajbaug Estate, Pydhonie, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400003. The business name "Tranzily" (www.tranzily.com) and the company name "Transpure" are used interchangeably.

Please read this Agreement carefully and make sure that you understand it fully before using the Services.


"BANK" , means a RBI approved scheduled Bank in India

"Governing Law" , means any law , regulation, or generally acceptable practices in the concerned jurisdiction applicable the particular services, including the laws governing the payments like Anti Money Laundering (AML) Countering the Terrorist Financing (CFT) Data Protection, Consumer Protection, Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), gambling, illegal sales , sale purchase of any goods, taxes or export/Import.

"User", means the person who registers on www.tranzily.com, a rightful owner, title owner of titles or authorized person to deal in the export business.

"Authorized User" means a person who has been authorized by the rightful title holder and approved by Tranzily to register, access and receive services on the www.tranzily.com

"Approved Jurisdiction" means countries where Tranzily services are offered and are not Tax Havens.

"Buyer" , means the entity which is part of the "approved Jurisdiction" and purchases legitimate goods and services from the Indian exporter and deposits export/import proceeds in the user's/exporter's foreign currency account provided by Tranzily.

"Users or exporters Bank account" means the Rupee account of user in the Indian Bank

"Exports Payment" means any payment made in the user or exporters forign currency account by the buyer of goods or services from the user or exporter.

"Insolvent" means the state of being unable to pay the debts by a person or company (debtor).

Exporters Foreign Currency account is the unfunded account maintained in the respective foreign currency in www.tranzily.com solely for the purpose of collecting payment from the users buyer from the "Approved Jurisdiction" by way of funding the said foreign currency account in the respective foreign currency.

"OPGSP Services" , means the export payment collection service offered by Tranzily under the Online Payment Gateway Service provider regulation under association with scheduled Bank in India.

"Personal Data" mans any information related to identification of a user or exporter registering on www.tranzily.com

"RBI" , Reserve Bank of India and is the regulator of payment business in India

"Restricted Activity" means any activity which is stated in the Appendix - 1

"Restricted Business" means any activity which is stated in the Appendix - 2

"Restricted Countries" means any country which is stated in the Appendix - 3

"Transactions" means any payment collection activity or request processing, under the terms and condition of Tranzily and by way of login into www.tranzily.com

"Transaction Limit" means the Reserve Bank of India stipulated per transaction of payment of export Invoice, limit of USD 10,000

"Confidentiality" means the personal or business information which may have been exchanged in the course of business by either of the parties and is confidential in nature and the obligation thereof to keep it confidential and not disclose it unless is expeditiously approved by the disclosing party.

"Website" means www.tranzily.com


Tranzily grants users, in accordance with these terms, a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right and license to access and use the website and the website content, provided that users comply fully with these terms. The user agrees, not to interfere with or disrupt the website or disobey any legal requirements. The user agrees to keep the login information and credentials secure and will not share with any third party. The user agrees to notify Tranzily immediately noticing the beach in the system security or compromise with access credentials.


Transpure is an online payment gateway service provider (as prescribed by the Reserve Bank of India) ("OPGSP") and offer's export payment collection services under the business name "Tranzily". The Registered users of Tranzily may be eligible to use www.tranzily.com to receive payments (but not to make payments), subject to the "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" set forth below-

The registered user of Tranzily may use the www.tranzily.com to receive payments as described in the Terms and Conditions, in consideration of export of goods and/or services of value not exceeding US$10,000 ( USD TEN THOUSAND) per transaction or equivalent values in other permissible currencies("Eligible Payments"). The registered user may use the www.tranzily.com for export payment collection of such goods and services as permitted under the laws of India, including but not limited to the Foreign Trade Policy of India, and in all cases only for lawful and valid transactions and not for any prohibited transaction as detailed in the Terms and Conditions

The purpose of the transactions for the Eligible Payments has to be disclosed, since as per the Regulation all data pertaining to foreign exchange transactions has to be collected and reported.

The registered users will be required to provide their Bank account at the time of registration and as part of the user of Tranzily. It is imperative for the users to furnish accurate information and Tranzily will not be liable if on account of incorrect information, the collected funds are sent to a wrong account, delayed or may be rejected which may result in restricted use of www.tranzily.com.

As an OPGSP Tranzily will receive eligible payments, in the nostro account of the partner Bank. After adjusting all fees and charges as detailed in the T&C, these funds will be transferred, in Rupee (INR), to the Exporter's registered Bank account by no later than seven (7) days from the date of receipt of such payment on exporters behalf.

The user confirms to Tranzily for having fulfilled the following –

Tranzily may not accept export payment requests, if the user has not provided the relevant invoices which establishes the nature of the transaction or if the information provided for export payment is incorrect or false.

Tranzily may cancel, reverse, demand refund or make any export payment inaccessible for transfer to exporters bank account and pass an adjustment entry under following conditions:

It is foremost important for the user to submit correct and verified information for the collection of export payments. Tranzily will be under no obligation if export payment is delayed or rejected on account of the submitted information being late, erroneous , inadequate or falseIt is the sole discretion of Tranzily to allow nominee/s, suggested by the authorized user basis, the fulfillment of Know Your Customer "KYC" validations.

Tranzily is under no obligation to accept all payment instructions and refuse any payment instructions without giving any reasons or accepting any liability.

Tranzily will be under no liability In the event of any system branch at the user's end. Tranzily will continue to accept the instruction form authorized user , if any changes to that effect are not informed to Tranzily prior to the event.


The user should only raise the payment request on www.tranzily.com , once they have fulfilled the export obligation and the buyer is contended and reasonably satisfied with the quality of goods and services delivered. In the event of any failure to the fulfillment of export obligation, but the user receives payments which are to be refunded or refuted by any reasons theroff at a later date , the user will be liable for the full payment credited to your bank account along with all other applicable fees. Whenever a transaction is refunded, reversed or chargeback , Tranzily will refund the amount from the user's Tranzily account in the same currency as the original transaction and will recover all charges theroff and the user will be responsible to make good for any shortfall in this process of recovery/ refund or chargeback.


The status of receipt in the user's foreign currency account will be notified to the user in his transaction history www.tranzily.com login. The user is responsible to check the accuracy of the receipt and in case of any discrepancy, the user must inform his buyer and take all remedial action.

Tranzilye is not responsible for any deviation on the export collection amount if the buyer has not paid the accurate invoice value.


The fund transfer to the exporters bank account will take place once Tranzily receives funds in the Collection account from Bank partners nostro collection account.

The credit to exporters bank account will be in Rupee (INR) after converting the foreign currency in rupee at prevailing exchange rates.


The user will pay all the applicable fees for the export payment collection services, as available on www.tranzily.com/ FEES


Pursuant to the governing laws and regulations, users will be required to provide the supporting documents for all the export payment transaction/is processed through Tranzily.

Tranzily may have to undertake an Audit, under the governing law and users shall allow the representatives of Tranzily to visit exporters premises or main place of business for this purpose and will allow access and retention of the record's deemed fit to fulfill the obligation of law enforcement agencies and regulatory authorities.


Both the parties will keep confidential all the privileged information which the other party receives during the course of business. The confidential information will not include the publically available, known to the receiving party prior, or rightfully acquired by receiving party from third party, or independently developed, to be imparted under obligation to Regulatory, Law Enforcement Agencies or applicable jurisdiction by giving reasonable advance notices to the disclosing party.


In no event shall Tranzily its subsidiaries, affiliates, associate companies, accountants, advisors, agents, consultants, contractors, partners and/ or suppliers and their respective officers, agents, directors be liable with respect to the Webpage, products, and/ or any services hereunder:

For any amount in the aggregate in excess of the price paid by User; or for any indirect, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever including but not limited to loss of use, revenue or profit, goodwill and/ or other intangible losses arising out of or in any way connected with the use of this Webpage, Products and/ or the services and/ or the Agreement or with the delay or inability to use this Webpage, or for any information, materials and/ or Products uploaded, posted, emailed, transmitted and/ or obtained through this Webpage, or otherwise arising out of the use of this Webpage, whether based on contract, tort, negligence, strict liability or otherwise, even if Sellers, subsidiaries, affiliates, associate companies, partners and/ or suppliers had been advised of the possibility of damages. If users are dissatisfied with any content of the Webpage available herein or with any of these Terms & Conditions, users sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using the Webpage.



In its sole discretion, Tranzily reserves the right to terminate these terms and conditions and services at any time, including but not limited to the use of website, software and systems for any reason theroff, by way of a written notice, if:


In the event either party is unable to perform its obligations under the stated terms and condition because of acts of God, natural disaster, strikes, equipment or transmission failure, change in the regulation or damage reasonably beyond its control, or other causes reasonably beyond its control, except for the payment to the services delivered, such party shall not be liable for damages to the other for any damages resulting from such failure to perform or otherwise from such causes. The affected party will expeditiously inform the other partly the magnitude of the circumstance of the occurrence of Force Majeure.


A written announcement, information or demand personally delivered , if mailed by a postal service or courier service with or without a return receipt to the other party registered address.


User shall indemnify and hold harmless Tranzily, its owner, licensee, affiliates, subsidiaries, group companies (as applicable) and their respective officers, directors, agents, and employees, from any claim or demand, or actions including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party or penalty imposed due to or arising out of users breach of this Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and other Policies, or users violation of any law, rules or regulations or the rights (including infringement of intellectual property rights) of a third party.


The website, website content, website code, domain name, and all copyrights, trademarks, corporate names and all other intellectual property or property therein are fully owned by the website operator and/or licensors and/or content providers, and are protected by applicable intellectual property and other laws.

Unless expressly permitted by the website operator, user shall not copy, capture, reproduce, perform, transfer, sell, license, modify, create derivative works from or based upon, republish, submit, edit, post, transmit, publicly display, frame, distribute, or exploit in whole or in part the website, the website content or website code, or otherwise use the website, website content or website code, in any form or by any means.

The trademarks or logos included on the site may, however, not be reproduced, published, distributed or used in other ways without the prior written consent of Tranzily.


Whenever user submit information about oneself via the website, user unambiguously consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of that information the website operator in accordance with specified terms. For more information, please see Privacy Policy.


The Tranzily may, at their sole discretion, change, modify, add or remove any portion of the website, the website content and/or the terms and Conditions, in whole or in part, at any time. Changes to these terms will be effective on change. Users agree to review these terms periodically to become aware of any changes.


Terms of Use shall be governed by and interpreted and construed in accordance with the Governing laws of India. All disputes arising out of, or in connection with the Export payment collection services under OPGSP would be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Mumbai, India alone.


The website and its contents are provided for information purposes and is not intended to provide any legal, data protection, compliance or any other professional advice or consultation. We do not accept any responsibility for any loss which may arise from reliance on information or materials published on this website. By the applicable laws we are not responsible or liable for any matter relating to the user or any third party accessing or using this website and its contents.


Restricted Activities-Following activities are restricted and are not allowed


Restricted Business Categories-

The following Business Categories are not permitted by partner Bank and are not allowed to be on-boarded on www.tranzily.coms


Restricted Countries- Following is the list of sanction countries-


For any information regarding the website and services provided by Transpure please contact us via email to Info@tranzily.com